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Automotive Showroom Gallery

White walls, white ceilings and white floors. Does that describe your dealership right now? If so, we can help transform your showroom from boring and dreary to bright and cheery!

With the need to look professional yet create an inviting, "salsey" atmosphere for customers, our premier ceiling and floor displays are the perfect solution.  


We have two options available to fit your budget and needs. First is the traditional latex balloon ceiling and floor tower display which is created with TufTex balloons. They are the highest quality, made in the USA and 100% biodegradable. Our team consistently hung over 12,000+ latex balloons a month in dealerships for years. The main advantage of latex is we swap the colors out every month so you always have a display that matches the current holiday and it's the most budget friendly. 

Our second option is a permanent, reusable balloon made of an exercise ball type of material. These displays look exactly like latex balloons however they do not oxidize over time. In other words, they stay shiny and typically remain inflated. With this higher end option clients receive 5 standard color swaps per calendar year. Winter in January, Dealership colors in the spring, Patriotic for Memorial Day through the 4th of July and Labor Day, Fall and Christmas. The main advantage of our permanent, reusable display is how the balloons always look brand new. 

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