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Shop our Grab and Go Garlands, DIY Balloon Garland Kits & Event Industry Forms Below

If your event is a smaller, more intimate gathering and doesn't allow for an extravagant budget this time we have you covered! If you'd like to try your hand at a DIY kit we'll supply all the balloons to make what is listed below including 260 balloons (aka balloon animal balloons) and command hooks for hanging. We highly recommend purchasing a $20 pink air inflator from Amazon to save you time and your sanity!

Have you attempted to make a DIY balloon arch or balloon garland in the past and decided the time and frustration is not for you?  Then our pre-made grab and go garlands are exactly what you are looking for. Just measure your space and place an order for the length that you need. We'll inflate and assemble your garland with 5", 11" & 17" balloons 24-48 hours before pick up so that every balloon looks perfect when you arrive. All you'll need to do is hang it on your wall or backdrop with the included command hooks and 260 balloons (aka balloon animal). We do all of the inflating, tying & styling for you. It's that easy!


Are you new to the balloon industry and looking for help with a balloon decor contract, rental agreement or even a check list for each event? While it may seem like a conflict of interest for us to provide our documents to potential competitors, we have a passion for helping others even if you are in the Punta Gorda or surrounding area.   

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