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Event Industry Forms - Digital Downloads 

Not only do we love decorating for our clients but we also enjoy helping other vendors in the event industry. One way we do that is by making important business forms, such as rental agreements and an event checklist available for digital download. The best part is that they're completely and easily customizable in Microsoft Word!  

We've done the hard work of researching and editing the below forms to best meet the needs of others in the event space so you don't have to. 

Please note that contracts should be reviewed by an attorney to ensure they meet your specific state and local requirements. 

If you are brand new as a balloon business owner then you will find the balloon business event planning checklist invaluable. Event days, while exciting and fun, can quickly become stressful if you forget an important piece of decor or needed equipment. And, as your balloon business grows and you add more services the supplies you need will also increase. We have included everything from various sizes of balloons to a ladder, command hooks and various tools. We recommend saving the original and creating a copy to edit. That way you can remove unnecessary items when you first start but still have the full list for reference later when needed.

Knowing that you have everything you need and are prepared will provide you with peace of mind and help you receive positive reviews from your clients. 

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