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Our 8' luxury balloon garland kit is the perfect size for accenting a wall, doorway or small backdrop. Simply select the perfect color pallett to match your theme and see how it makes your atmosphere dreamy!


Our DIY kit includes 96 balloons as follows:


8 x 5" balloons per color = 24 total 5"

8 x 11" balloons per color = 24 total 11"

4 x 17" balloons per color = 16 total 17" 

6 x 260 balloons (aka balloon animal balloons) for "tying" balloon quads (4) together which is how the professionals create garlands and hanging.


Assembly time:

-About 45 min. to 1 hour with an electric balloon air machine.

-About 1-2 hours with a hand pump inflator.


Life time:

-Kept indoors the balloons can last several weeks or even months when filled with air (not helium).

-Displayed outside balloons may only last a few hours but could last a few days. Sun, heat, humitidy & wind etc. all affect inflation time. We recommend shaded areas and lighter colors outdoors.


We use Tuf-Tex balloons which are Made In The USA and our favorite brand! 

Ships nationwide. 



6' DIY Balloon Garland Kit

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